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What's So Special About Acura?

What's So Special About Acura?

What’s So Special About Acura?

Acura has consistently been at the forefront of the luxury automotive space, and the make continues to lead the industry in multiple ways. If you’re looking for reasons to buy an Acura, there are many excellent ones that make these cars and SUVs so special.

Latest Automotive Safety

Acura vehicles regularly feature the latest in automotive safety, which garners many models awards from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

For instance, the 2020 Acura RDX earned both a 5-Star Overall Safety Rating from the NHTSA and a Top Safety Pick+ from the IIHS. Both of those awards are the highest ones given out by the respective agency, and the latter is given to only a few dozen models each year. The 2020 RDX is hardly the only Acura model to garner these recognitions.

Another example of how Acura leads in automotive safety is the 2021 Acura TLX. When the sedan is released this fall, it will feature the first-ever airbag that has an uninflated cradle for the head. Designed based on brain injury research that was conducted by the Department of Transportation, this advanced airbag is unlike any other that’s installed in vehicles today.

Performance-Focused All-Wheel Drive

Acura focuses on high-end performance throughout its model lineup, and there are numerous engines, suspension systems and driving mode options that demonstrate the level of performance these cars provide. One unlikely area where the focus on performance stands out is in Acura’s Super Handling All-Wheel Drive.

SH All-Wheel Drive doesn’t merely provide extra traction in non-ideal driving conditions, but it also makes micro-adjustments to maximize performance every time you drive:

  • Front wheels can receive 90% of power to maximize fuel usage when cruising
  • Rear wheels can receive 45% of power to maximize traction when accelerating
  • Rear wheels can receive 70% of power to maximize traction when accelerating and turning
  • Outer rear wheel can be sped up by 2.7% to reduce understeering when turning

Where most auto manufacturers simply stop their all-wheel-drive engineering with the goal of increasing traction on slippery roads, Acura does this but also thinks about how all four wheels can improve the driving experience. This sort of emphasis is found throughout every detail of the company’s models.

Long-Term Reliability

Among luxury brands, Acura is known for its reliability down the road. Acura cars and SUVs don’t just perform well know, but they continue to hold up well for many years and many miles.

While the features on a luxury vehicle are certainly worthy of consideration (and Acuras have plenty of them), it’s also important to remain practical when examining this automotive segment. If you buy an Acura, you should have minimal repair costs for as long as you own the vehicle -- and that could be a very long time.

Value-Oriented Prices

Finally, all of this is available for far less than what some other luxury brands cost to purchase. No matter what model you get, you’ll always save money if you buy an Acura. These are value-oriented cars, and their value begins with the comparatively low purchase prices that they have.

Buy an Acura Vehicle

If you’d like to buy an Acura car or SUV, talk with the team at McGrath Acura of Downtown Chicago. The Acura dealership for Cicero and Oak Park drivers, McGrath Acura is conveniently located at 1301 N. Elston Avenue and open six days a week. Stop by, and see for yourself why it makes sense to buy an Acura as a luxury vehicle.

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