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Acura Vehicles: Android Auto Integration Update

Android Integration


Acura Vehicles: Android Auto Integration Update

As promised when the Acura RDX's most recent redesign debuted, Android Auto has been pushed to all third-generation RDXes. Both models that are on dealers lots and models that drivers already own have been updated with the software.

Acura Updated the RDX with Android Auto

The third generation of the Acura RDX debuted without Android Auto onboard because of delays in the software's development. The automaker promised that the software would be installed on both existing and future compatible RDXes when the platform was ready, though, and it's now ready. Acura has completed its development of the software with Google, and the platform is now available.

The update has already been completed, and it was done over the air. There's nothing that dealers or Acura RDX owners must do to enable the smartphone integration.

2019 and 2020 Acura RDXes Have Android Auto

The update has been applied to all third-generation models of this SUV, which include 2019 and 2020 Acura RDX as of right now. Future models in this generation will also have the platform.

Additionally, the software is now available regardless of trim level and at no additional cost. Acura offers full Android smartphone integration on all of these SUVs for free.

Android Auto is on the Infotainment Display

Drivers of Acura RDXes will see the Android Auto app icon on their infotainment screen. Previously, this icon either wasn't visible or was grayed-out if it did show. Now, it should be blue and tapping the icon will access all of Android Auto's capabilities.

While the update should work well on all compatible models, drivers can bring their Acura RDX to a service center for help if there are any issues or glitches. The technicians at service centers are always happy to help troubleshoot and answer questions.

Drivers Should Switch to Android Auto

Android phone users who have been relying on Acura's built-in smartphone integration should tap that Android Auto app and begin exploring the platform's capabilities. Most will find the platform is intuitive, and those that don't initially will soon adapt. Drivers should switch even if there's a small learning curve, for Android Auto has been shown to be less distracting and safer than manufacturer's independent smartphone software.

(Android Auto doesn't support iPhones, which integrate with Apple CarPlay.)

Find an Acura Vehicle with Android Auto

If you're looking for an Acura vehicle and want Android Auto on board, the 2019 and 2020 Acura RDXes are excellent SUVs. Of course, they're just one model that Acura makes and others also have the smartphone software.

To compare the various Acura vehicles that have Android Auto, drive over from Berwyn or Cicero to McGrath Acura of Downtown Chicago. The dealership isn't far and is open six days a week, and there are plenty of new Acura RDXes and other Acura vehicles that have the software and are ready for you to test-drive.

Article published on January 6th, 2020.

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