5 Things to Check When Test Driving an Acura

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5 Things to Check When Test-Driving an Acura

Test drives are the best way to gain firsthand knowledge about a model, and there's a lot you can learn during even a brief drive. Here are just five things to check when you're test-driving an Acura.

1. Check the Access and Comfort

Test-driving an Acura begins as soon as you begin to get into a model. Pay attention to how easy the door access is and how comfortable you find the seats.

Even though Acura makes high-quality vehicles that have premium designs and interiors, ease of access and comfort still remain personal and situation dependent. A parent who needs to buckle toddlers in car seats needs different access than a senior who has trouble lowering their body. Once inside, people need different seat positions to accommodate their individual bodies.

While Acura vehicles have many features that enhance comfort, such as heated front and rear seats, multi-position seats, and ventilated front seats, make sure the fundamentals are well-suited for you. You should be able to easily get in and feel at ease behind the wheel.

2. Look Over the Blind Spots

Before you pull out of the parking spot that an Acura is in, first orient yourself with the model's blind spots. You should do this for basic safety reasons, as you ought to know where the blind spots of any vehicle that you drive are. You'll also want to personally assess the blinds spots as you consider ownership, though.

Where a model's blind spots are can significantly affect how easy or difficult a vehicle is to drive, and blind spots are slightly different for different drivers. Your height, head position and other factors will impact where you can and can't see out the windows. Thus, this isn't something a review can really describe but rather is a factor that you must individually assess.

3. Orient Yourself with the Features

Acuras come with a lot of features, and it can actually take a few minutes to orient yourself when test-driving an Acura. Spend some time seeing where the various controls and features are, and try using each of them. Everything from cupholder placement to voice-commanded audio can make a difference in how much you like a model.

4. Experience the Engine and Steering

Once you're driving, pay special attention to the model's driving experience. All Acura models come with capable engines that you'd expect any luxury vehicle to have, and their specs hold up to the competition. You really need to feel the acceleration and responsiveness in order to fully appreciate an Acura's under-the-hood capabilities, however.

5. Test the Suspension

Sometime during your drive, look for a rough patch of road to drive over. While you never want to hit a pothole dead-on (especially if you're going to buy the car), a few minor bumps taken at appropriate speed can be enlightening. Look for a deteriorated patch of road or railroad tracks, and see how the suspension does as you go over. The smoother the ride, the better.

Test-Drive and Acura

If there's an Acura that you'd like to test-drive near Oak Park or Des Plaines, make the drive over to 1301 N. Elston Ave and check out the inventory of available models. You'll likely find the exact model that you're interested in, for there are lots of new and pre-owned Acuras in stock, and the sales team can help you with a test-driving an Acura Monday through Saturday when they're here.

Article published on January 13th, 2020.

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