Acura RDX Versus MDX: How to Choose


Acura RDX Versus MDX: How to Choose

The Acura RDX and the Acura MDX are both excellent high-end crossover SUVs, and either is a great model to own. If you’re looking for a luxury vehicle that’s a little larger than the typical sedan, here’s how the Acura RDX versus MDX considerations play out and which one you may want to choose.

Seating Capacity: Acura MDX

For families that need more than for or five seats, the Acura MDX is the clear vehicle of preference. Whereas the Acura RDX is a plush two-row crossover with five seats, the Acura MDX is a three-row model that seats six or seven comfortably. Depending on space needs, it can be outfitted with a bench or heated captain's chairs in the second row.

Towing Capability: Acura MDX

The Acura RDX offers sufficient towing capabilities for most drivers, with towing capacity topping out at 1,500 pounds for the 2020 Acura RDX. Drivers who have heavier loads to haul, however, will want the Acura MDX -- it’s able to pull upwards of 5,000 pounds depending on the setup. Even the base version of the 2020 Acura MDX can pull 3,500 pounds with a hitch and the necessary wiring.

Maneuverability: Acura RDX

For many residents of Oak Park and Berwyn who don’t need a lot of extra space, the Acura RDX is an excellent choice because it’s shorter. The 2020 Acura MDX measures 196.2 inches long, while the 2020 Acura RDX comes in at 186.7 inches. A 9.5-inch difference might not seem like a lot when viewing models at the dealership, but it makes a big difference when navigating tight turns and parallel parking in downtown Chicago.

Affordability: Acura RDX

Both the Acura RDX and the Acura MDX offer excellent value considering how many features they come with and what they’re priced at. Between the two, though, the Acura RDX tends to be a little more affordable simply because it’s smaller. In 2020 models, the RDX has an initial MSRP of $37,800 and the MDX begins around $44,500 before discounts.

Acura RDX Versus MDX

To make your own assessment of the Acura RDX versus MDX question, take both models for a test-drive at Mcgrath Acura of Downtown Chicago. Both models are available for checking out, and you’re welcome to take them for a test drive Monday through Saturday when the dealership is open. You’ll find the dealership a short drive away at 1301 N. Elton Ave., Chicago. Stop by today, and see which of these crossover SUVs you prefer.

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