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What Is Acura Luxury?


What Is Acura Luxury?

Acura is one of the blueblood automakers that’s been producing high-end vehicles for a long time, and there’s one key to the company’s long-term success. Rather than focusing on exotic design and exclusive auto shows like some other companies do, Acura produces luxury vehicles that are made for the typical driver. In short, Acura luxury is a type of luxury that elevates the every day to something special. Here’s some of what Acura vehicles offer.

Built on a Foundation of Dependability

Acura’s luxury is built on a practical foundation of reliability and dependability. Every model that Acura produces has a strong reputation for being dependable and should serve drivers well for many years after the time of purchase.

While dependability alone doesn’t make Acura a luxury brand, it sets the foundation for a solid vehicle that’s also a lot of own fun to own.

Prioritized Driving Experience

The quality of Acura’s engineering is immediately evident when you get behind the steering wheel, for the driving experience remains a top priority throughout every model’s design and build.

The exact engines and drivetrains that Acura vehicles have vary, of course, but all of the company’s models boast strong engines and responsive steering systems -- and several models also have Acura’s Super Handling All-Wheel Drive. An advanced all-wheel-drive system, SH-AWD doesn’t just improve traction in inclement conditions but also boosts performance by adjusting for acceleration, cornering and other driving maneuvers.

If you’ve never experienced the thrill of driving an Acura, take one for a test drive and you’re bound to be impressed. Even if you already own another automaker’s sports car or luxury vehicle, you’ll likely want to make your next vehicle an Acura.

Stellar Safety Features

Because anything can happen when you’re on the road, safety also is a top priority in every vehicle. Most of Acura’s models come with many safety features, such as a plethora of driver-assist technologies, and many have received excellent marks in crash tests. The one exception that doesn’t come with standard driver-assists is the 2020 Acura NSX, but the sports car still is well-outfitted when compared to others in its class.

With regard to safety, the 2020 Acura RDX deserves particular recognition. While all of Acura’s models are equipped with superb features, the 2020 RDX has shown it’s one of the very safest vehicles in production by winning an IIHS Top Safety Pick+ Award. This is one of the highest recognitions in automotive safety, and it’s given to only a select number of vehicles each year.

Aggressively Styled Features

Although Acura might not headline the major auto shows, that doesn’t mean Acuras don’t have style. In the midst of all the practicality and convenience that Acura focuses on, the company still manages to infuse each model with style. Bold lines, striking lights and a take-no-nonsense stance suggest that anyone who dries an Acura is someone who seriously enjoys their time on the road.

Affordable High-End Vehicles

On top of all of this, Acura also keeps affordability in mind. The automaker isn’t a budget brand by any stretch of the imagination, but its vehicles are often priced lower than luxury competitors. For drivers who want something high-end without a high price tag, Acura offers outstanding value.

Explore What Acura Offers

To see all that Acura vehicles offer, test-drive several models at McGrath Acura of Downtown Chicago. The dealership’s 1301 N. Elton Ave. location in Chicago isn’t far from Oak Park or Cicero, and it’s open six days a week. Stop by, and see for yourself what sets Acura’s luxury apart from the crowd.

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